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Saturday, October 08, 2022, I enjoyed an amazing morning and early afternoon, as I attended the "Lincoln Airport Open House," at KLHN, Lincoln Regional Airport, in Lincoln, CA.  This free, family-friendly, amazingly fun event was held, thanks to the City of Lincoln, and the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, and the countless volunteers who made this fun event happen!

Photo:  Saturday, October 08, 2022 was the day to enjoy the "Lincoln Airport Open House," at KLHN, Lincoln Regional Airport, located in Lincoln, CA.  The event was sponsored by the City of Lincoln, and completely free of charge, and turned out to be an outstanding event for the community to enjoy.  Talk about a fun day!!

Photo:  The event opened up at 07:30, and I was there for the opening, and greeted by vintage cars along with hot air balloons, which were offering rides until their propane ran out, thanks to this windless Saturday morning.  Lack of propane seemed to be an issue, as the balloon rides ceased around 10:30, as, according to the event announcer, the supplies of propane were exhausted.  Hot air balloons can't rise without propane!

Photo:  As you entered the event, a display board showed the day's events.  Don't you just love the 1962 Volkswagen "Beetle" all dressed up for the show?  Besides airplanes, the open house offered a display of vintage cars, trucks and hot rods.

Photo:  "Foodie Row" at the fly-in, showing the three food vendors who offered delicious food for "foodies," and everybody else who was hungry, and loved great food.

Photo:  This hot air balloon pilot truly has talent, to be able to manouver this thing so close to the ground, among airplane enthusiasts, and to guide it precisely.

Photo:  My friendly hostess and pitmaster, at Dave's Dawgs, hands me one of the most amazing "Bratwurst Dogs" that I've ever eaten!  It's hungry work enjoying the fine event at "Lincoln Airport Open House," and Dave's Dawgs provided great food!  Click on the image or the link to check out my dining experience at Dave's Dawgs, on this amazing Saturday morning in October, 2022.  Such an amazing breakfast!

Photo:  I'm a happy guy, as I'm going to enjoy a "Bratwurst Dog" for breakfast, thanks to the culinary talents of the chef at Dave's Dawgs.  What could be better than combining airplanes with hot dogs?

Photo:  As the 10 O'clock opening ceremony concluded, there was an amazing flyover of five planes, flying in perfect formation.

Photo:  The flying formation split into three segments, with the middle segment of three planes, with the left and right planes splitting off from the formation.

Photo:  You could have not asked for a more perfect day than today, for a day at the Lincoln Regional Airport, and a great day to enjoy general aviation, as the sky was clear, there wasn't a hint of wind, and the temperature was in the upper 70-degree range.  Perfect!

Photo:  The event was mostly a "fly-in," as opposed to an air show, and featured a few military aircraft, and mostly general aviation.  Anything "airplane" works with me!

Photo:  There was a group of locals who had restored World War 2 vintage Jeeps on display, which is always a welcome addition to any aviation event.

Photo:  I love the vintage radio equipment, and the .50 BMC machine gun adds to the enjoyment!

Photo:  Lincoln Regional Airport is a gracious host to the general lavation community, in western Placer County, and offers most services related to aviation.  You just have to love the 1968 Mercury Cougar in the foreground!

Photo:  Besides general aviation, the Lincoln Airport Open House" featured a number of vintage cars, trucks and hot rods, with several greater Sacramento area car clubs showcasing their amazing vehicles.

Photo:  Meet the chef and the principal owner of Bandito's Tacos, Mr. Adam Saldana, who presented me my order of "Ortega Loaded Nachos" and a "The Grinch Gourmet Taco" with a smile.  Adam "chefs" amazing Mexican-inspired cuisine, and his friendly persona makes his delicious food taste even better!  Click on the image or the link to read the complete review I posted of Banditio's Tacos.

Photo:  "Ortega Loaded Nachos" and a "The Grinch Gourmet Taco" from Bandito's Tacos for lunch... What could be better?

Photo:  The City of Lincoln provided a fire engine, along with a police car, which made for popular displays.  Placer County also displayed a helicopter.

Photo:  Lincoln Regional Airport is known for general aviation services for western Placer County, in the greater Sacramento region.

Thank you, City of Lincoln and Lincoln Chamber of Commerce for the great time I enjoyed at the "Lincoln Airport Open House," on Saturday, October 08, 2022!  I loved this amazing event, and it is one of the best Placer County fly-ins ever!  I'm already looking forward to next year's event...

Lincoln Regional Airport
1480 Flightline Dr.
Lincoln, CA 95648
916 645-2035

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