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Stagecoach Restaurant, located on Florin Road in south Sacramento, CA, has been serving authentic and amazing southern style breakfast and brunch at the same location since 1978.  This amazing restaurant serves some of the most unique and delicious breakfast cuisine in the greater Sacramento area, and maybe even on the west coast!

As with all reviews  I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's a little past 10:00 in the morning, Sunday April 03, 2022, and I've arrived at Stagecoach Restaurant - the Florin Road location - in south Sacramento, CA, to enjoy an amazing southern style breakfast, and friendly "southern style" hospitality.

On this late Sunday morning, it had been fourteen years - no kidding - since I'd enjoyed the delicious food, and friendly hospitality featured at this fine restaurant, since the last time I visited  this amazing restaurant, until today, was back on Friday, January 08, 2010, with the long-defunct Sacramento Breakfast Club.  It was great to be back to this one-of-a-kind "gem" of a restaurant, and enjoy the amazing southern cuisine, hospitality, and the company of great friends!

Compare this photo with the photo I took fourteen years ago, and you'll notice on this Sunday morning the skies are blue, and the pay phone is no longer working.

Stagecoach Restaurant has a second location in nearby Elk Grove, but today, I was enjoying breakfast at the Florin Road location, located in south Sacramento.

Photo:  As you open the door to enter the restaurant, you'll be welcomed by a sign that basically states all of the core values of Stagecoach Restaurant.  This fine restaurant was founded back in 1978 by the Stevens family, and is still owned and operated by the family.  The SUPERIOR MENU includes lots of Stevens' family favorite recipes, with good ol' southern cookin'!

As human beings, we owe our salvation, our lives, our food, and out eternal gratitude to OUR LORD AND SAVIOR, Jesus Christ.

Photo:  On this late Sunday morning, Stagecoach Restaurant was a busy restaurant, as they've been serving amazing southern cuisine to Sacramentans since 1978, and most locals are "in the know" of where to go to enjoy a superior breakfast.

As you enter the restaurant, you'll be greeted with a friendly staff member who will seat you, and provide you with a menu.  Be warned, when the restaurant is busy - especially on weekends - the staff will be also be working the take-out/pick-up counter, as the restaurant is very busy with "to-go" orders.  No worries, as whether you dine in-person, or "to-go," you'll be treated to a friendly smile, and good ol' southern hospitality.

Photo:  I would call the decor of the main dining room to be "rustic" but any way you look at it, it's not fancy, but it's "local," comfortable, and offers a great atmosphere to enjoy the "southern comfort" the restaurant promotes.  In keeping with the times, there are plexiglass barriers installed to "protect" diners from one another.

Curiously, since this fine restaurant is an "old school" diner in almost every sense, the main dining room furniture is composed of fixed-seating booths, without flexible table seating or counter seating, facing the kitchen.  

No worries, as there is a separate dining room that offers table seating, along with an outside patio.

Photo:  If the main dining room is completely seated - a regular occurrence, especially on weekends - there is a dining room, located adjacent to the main dining room, that offers open seating, with tables for large groups.  Also, there is now an adjoining patio that makes for pleasant, relaxed dining.

Photo:  The "Stagecoach Daily Specials" and "Weekend Specials" section from the menu.  Stagecoach Restaurant is open for breakfast and brunch, and the menu features southern favorites, and many menu choices that you won't see anywhere else in the greater Sacramento area, or maybe even the State of California.  Click on the menu image to view all six pages of the wide array of breakfast choices, and the COMPLETE MENU offered at Stagecoach Restaurant.

Photo:  Our amazing friendly hostess, Yanna, takes our  orders with a smile, as Claudia and Gerry look over the extensive breakfast and brunch menu.

Photo:  Inside the restaurant, posted above the cashier's station, there is a always-posted menu that lists breakfast and lunch specials, with weekend-only specials as well.  Since my last visit fourteen years ago, I think the only things on this menu that have changed are the prices, as the menu still offers the same amazing cuisine.

Photo: Taking a look into the kitchen, I got a peek at two talented chefs at work.  The kitchen staff are simply experts in their trade, and like all of the friendly staff, they take pride in what they do, to provide amazing food, and friendly southern hospitality.

Photo:  After she took our orders, I took a moment to enjoy the amazing friendly company of our hostess, Yanna. She is a fine person, a lovely lady, and treated us like family.

Photo:  Looking inside the kitchen, the staff picks up completed orders from the kitchen.  The restaurant is decorated with many photos of "old school" western movie stars... isn't that a photo of Tom Mix, to the right?

Photo:  Meet amazingly friendly Yanna, who delivered our orders to our table with a smile, and treated us like royalty.  On this late Sunday morning - about 11:00 or so - the restaurant was BUSY, but or orders arrived, about a half hour after we placed them, which was simply amazing.

Yanna represents the "heart and soul" of fine service, a hard-working hostess, and a truly nice person.

Photo:  Left to right... "me," your author and photographer, along with my friends Claudia and Gerry, as we're about to enjoy one of the best breakfasts in the greater Sacramento area!  Maybe the best breakfast ever?

Photo:  From the "Weekend Specials" section of the menu, Gerry went with "Southern Fried Chicken Wangs N' 3 Eggs," which is served on weekends, and "occasionally" on Monday, according to the menu.  He went with "Home Fried Potatoes" as his side, and three eggs, fried over easy.  He enjoyed a waffle on the side, but it wasn't shown in the photo.

The menu describes this fine weekend favorite as "One pound worth of jumbo 'wangs' with our honey hot sauce." My friend truly enjoyed this fine breakfast, and he made me envious... but I had my breakfast of "Philly Style Pork Scrapple 'N 3 Eggs" to enjoy...

Photo:  From the "Stagecoach Specials" section of the menu, which are served every day of the week, Claudia went with "Fried Catfish Nuggets N' 3 Eggs."  Her choice of side was "Buttered Grits" and she ordered her three eggs fried, over easy.  Condiments included a cup of tartar sauce, a slice of fresh lemon, and buttered sourdough toast on the side.

How many restaurants in the greater Sacramento area, or northern California offer a breakfast of fried eggs, catfish and grits?  You don't have to travel across the country to Georgia to enjoy an amazing southern-style breakfast, as you'll find the breakfast you've been dreaming of at Stagecoach Restaurant, located in Sacramento, CA.

Photo:  From the "Stagecoach Daily Specials" section of the menu, I went with "Philly Style Pork Scrapple 'N 3 Eggs."  The menu describes this amazing dish as, "Half pound grilled "housemade" pork scrapple - like pork 'n cornmeal meatloaf."  With a description such as that, I assume not many Sacramentans are familiar with scrapple. I love it!  To accompany my scrapple, I went with home fried potatoes, with optional diced onion and pepper, eggs fried over easy, and buttered sourdough toast.

The scrapple was simply delicious, as the pork was juicy, tender and full of flavor.  The meat was battered with a light coating of cornmeal and fried to a deep, golden brown.  The batter-to-meat ratio was perfect, and the delicious light coating of batter enhanced the flavor of the meat, and added to make pork scrapple an amazing choice for breakfast.  If you've never enjoyed scrapple, you're in for a treat!

I went with home fried potatoes, but it was a difficult choice, as the other options, especially the "Rice 'n Gravy" and the "Buttered Grits" were calling my name, but I rarely can resist potatoes in any form, and potatoes were "calling my name." The large helping of potatoes were lightly seasoned, cut into cubes, and fried on the griddle to a perfect, light golden brown.  The texture was perfect, since they weren't mushy, but were tender and delicious.  I "enhanced" my potatoes with optional diced white onion and bell pepper, which added great additional flavor and texture.

The three fried eggs, which I ordered "over easy" were cooked perfectly, over easy, which is a trademark of a chef with talent.  The two pieces of buttered, sourdough toast turned out to be some of the best toast that I've enjoyed for quite some time - how does that happen - and proved to be a perfect "enhancement" to the amazing breakfast I enjoyed today at Stagecoach Restaurant.

When you dine out, most breakfasts are great, or even fantastic, a few are outstanding, and just a handful are memorable, and my breakfast of "Philly Style Pork Scrapple 'N 3 Eggs." showcased the "memorable" category, as this was truly a breakfast to remember. How many ways can you say "10 out of 10?"  This one of the most memorable, and amazing breakfasts that I've EVER had the pleasure to enjoy during my 70 years of enjoying outstanding breakfasts!

Photo:  "Philly Style Pork Scrapple 'N 3 Eggs." close-up and delicious, which is served every day at Stagecoach Restaurant.  During the 25+ years I've lived in the greater Sacramento area, Stagecoach Restaurant is the only restaurant that I know of that offers scrapple.  The sprig of parsley adds a touch of "sparkle" to the three perfectly fried eggs, over easy.

Scrapple is a popular breakfast entree in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and other east coast and southern states, but during all of my travels, I have NEVER seen scrapple on the menu of any restaurant, east of the Mississippi River, and especially on the west coast. Pork scrapple is an amazing breakfast entree, and Stagecoach Restaurant is truly a GEM OF A RESTAURANT for offering this amazing dish on their GIGANTIC MENU, every day of the week, in Sacramento, the capitol city of the State of California.

If it's "southern," you'll find your breakfast favorite at Stagecoach Restaurant, and you'll be treated to the best breakfast in Sacramento, along with the legendary hospitality that has made this fine restaurant a breakfast icon since 1978.  All aboard the stage, and enjoy an amazing breakfast at Stagecoach Restaurant, located in Sacramento, CA.

Stagecoach Restaurant
4365 Florin Rd.
Sacramento, CA 95823
916 422-9296

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