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Hello Roseville!  Hello California and the United States!  Mexico City has arrived in the United States of America, and opened today in Roseville, CA!  Mexico City has arrived with La Popular, which serves the fine cuisine unique to Mexico City, and the capitol region of Mexico.  There is no other cuisine like La Popular served in California, or in the United States...

La Popular, which opened today, is the first USA location of a small chain of three restaurants, based in Mexico City, and serves the amazing cuisine unique to Mexico City.  We, as "Rosevillians" are honored to anchor the first location of La Popular in the USA!

As with all restaurant reviews I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  La Popular is co-located with Eureka! as they're owned by the same company, with roots in Mexico City.  It's 11:00 O'clock in the morning, November 21, 2022, and I'm here to "open up" La Popular, in Roseville, CA.

La Popular is a small chain of three restaurants - at this writing - based in Mexico City, and the Roseville location is the first in the United States.  

I was both honored and humbled to attend the opening of this amazing restaurant.

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you'll be "meeted and greeted" by a friendly staff who will sit you at the open table of your choosing.  Since the weather was good - temperature around 45 degrees and sunny - I chose to sit on the patio, as I prefer to dine outside when possible.

Photo:  This is truly an "upscale" Mexican restaurant, and the dining room features the HUGE, wrap-around bar, that specializes in countless varieties of tequila, but the staff is happy to mix you any drink of your choosing.  On this late Monday morning, the television monitors were tuned to soccer games, which added to the friendly, Mexican atmosphere.

Photo:  The comfortable outdoor patio features an open flame, which added to the comfort and to the atmosphere.

Photo:  The food menu offers appetizers, tacos, plates, sides and many other goodies.  I love the logo, "Hecho en Mexico City."

Photo:  The "Tacos" section of the menu.  I "zeroed in" on the "Ribeye," as I'd never even hear of a ribeye taco before enjoying the fine Mexico City style cuisine at La Popular.

Read on... as my lunch was a "game changing" experience in my life!

Photo:  La Popular features an amazing patio, highlighted by a cheery fireplace, which made for great comfort on this chilly morning, in late November.

Photo:  My friendly host, Don, brings a Modelo beer to my table, with a smile, along with a slice of lime.  There is nothing finer in this world than great Mexican beer!

Photo:  Meet Brendan, my friendly host, who brought me another bowl of Mexico City-style deep fried, "puffed" corn tortilla chips, on the house.  Simply amazing!

Photo:  The centerpiece of the dining room is the full-service bar, which specializes in tequila, but can mix you any drink of your choosing.

Photo:  On this late Monday morning in November, 2022, patio dining was amazing at La Popular!

Photo:  John, one of the owners of the restaurant, meets, greets and offers hospitality to fellow diners.

Photo:  Meet my amazingly friendly host, Don, as he brings my plate of "Ribeye Tacos" to my table.  I've already been enjoying the chips and salsa... along with a glass of Modelo beer.

Photo:  I toast my amazingly friendly server Don and say "cheers!" as I enjoy my lunch at La Popular, which serves Mexican cuisine unlike anything I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy before today.

Photo:  From the "Tacos" section of the menu, I went with "Ribeye Tacos" which was a new experience for me.  The menu describes "Ribeye Tacos" as, "Ribeye - in-house-made corn tortilla. Trust us."  I trusted La Popular and I made my "Ribeye Tacos" cheese crusted, in the "Costa Style," for an additional dollar per taco.

Appetizer of simply amazing chips and salsa, along with a Modelo beer... or three... made for an amazing lunch.

Photo:  My meal began with an appetizer of some of the best chips and salsa that I've ever enjoyed... anywhere! Yes... better than my countless "foodie" trips to Mexico."

The chips were deep fried and "puffed out," yet retained the hard texture and the delicious taste of the corn tortillas. There were three small bowls of salsa, along with a bowl of diced white onion and cilantro, with sliced lime on the side.  Each bowl of salsa had a small spoon, which made it easy to add salsa to a chip, and made each chip a simply delicious bite of goodness.

I have NEVER seen anything like this in a restaurant... The bowl of chips and salsa could be a complete meal!  The chips and salsa I enjoyed today at La Popular was simply AMAZING!  You could simply visit the restaurant and make a meal of the chips and salsa, as this plate of food was beyond delicious!

I've enjoyed northern Mexican cuisine during my travels to Baja California, Sonora, Tamalupitas and other northern Mexican states, but I've never even close to Mexico City, and I've never enjoyed chips and salsa like the fine food I enjoyed today at La Popular.  Perhaps I should consider relocating to Mexico City?

Photo:  My two "Ribeye Tacos," complete with "Costa Style" cheese crusted in-house-made corn tortillas.  

During my many trips to Mexico - yes I speak Spanish - I've enjoyed countless tacos, but I've never had the pleasure to enjoy a "Ribeye Taco," as served at La Popular.  On the other hand... I've never been to Mexico City.

Each taco began with a in-house-made corn tortilla, and was loaded with thinly cut, grilled, ribeye steak.  Since I went with the optional "Costa Style" cheese, each taco and tortilla had cheese... lots of it.

Mexico City meets Roseville at La Popular, as these tacos were simply delicious, and they were nothing like I've ever enjoyed in my life before today.  

Photo:  "Ribeye Tacos..." does life get any better?  Oh... it does, as I ordered the optional "Costa Style" which the menu describes as "cheese crusted taco" for an extra dollar per taco.  No worries, as the extra dollar was totally worth the cost.

Photo:  I simply say "Cheers!" as Don brought me my third Modelo beer.  Thanks!  My lunch was simply amazing, and nothing like anything I'd enjoyed north of the border, or during my trips to Mexico.

Alright... I've been enjoying the cuisine of Mexico for the last 65+ years, but I've always enjoyed the cuisine of the northern states of Mexico, namely Baja California or Sonora, and I've never had the pleasure to sample the cuisine of Mexico City dining until today.  I guess you could say that, as the "foodie" that I am, I was simply out of my element, as I've never enjoyed this type of amazing food during my past 70 years on earth.  Mexico City has arrived in Roseville!

So... take a "foodie" trip to Mexico City and don't leave Roseville, Placer County, California or the United States.  La Popular... located in Roseville, CA has your taste buds covered when you want to enjoy amazing Mexican cuisine that you most won't likely find north or the border.

La Popular
234 Gibson Dr. Ste. #120
Roseville, CA 95678
916 952-2869

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