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The only gripe I have with chain restaurants is lack of "uniqueness" and the general uniformity among outlets, so I sometimes avoid chain restaurants, as I prefer a one-of-a-kind, local dining experience.  However, nothing is etched in stone in my "foodie" book and I frequently make exceptions.  Such was the case today, as I enjoyed an amazing lunch at Yard House, located in Roseville, CA.

As with all restaurant reviews I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  The Roseville, CA location of Yard House is located at the west end of The Fountains at Roseville, which is an upscale complex that combines the best of "Main Street," an 80's-vintage shopping mall, and a landscaped promenade. The building is at the west end, as it's quite large, and it's separate from the rest of the complex.  

There an endless arrary of restaurants located at Fountains, including Burger Lounge, which I had the pleasure to enjoy, back in December, 2021.

It's just past the 11:00 in the morning opening time on Thursday, February 02, 2023, and I'm ready enjoy a great lunch at Yard House.  I'd already looked at the menu online, and I knew what I wanted.

The Roseville Yard House restaurant is a link in the chain of 80-something Yard House restaurants, located all over the country.  The restaurant's website describes the restaurant as "High-end sports bar chain with a huge menu of "New American" fare, and extensive list of draft beers."

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you'll be greeted by two friendly staff members, who will seat you at the table of your choice - assuming the restaurant isn't booked - and give you a menu and utensils.  Today I "opened up" the restaurant, and it wasn't busy at the time, so I requested a table on the patio, next to the fireplace, and was seated exactly where I wanted to sit, where it was warm, and there was good light for photography, without resorting to flash.

Photo:  The centerpiece of the dining room is the absolutely GIGANTIC bar, that seats probably 50 diners.  There are countless television monitors - tuned to sports - and a hundred beers on tap, many of the beers aren't listed on the MENU.

Photo:  The dining room furniture is a mixture of tables and booths, and each table features a little computer tablet, where your can place orders and pay for your meal.  The dining room is sparsely decorated, with the exception of the many television monitors and large pictures on the wall.  It's dimly lit, but the ambience is stunning.  Character is enhanced by 70's/80's rock/pop music playing in the background at just the right level.

Anyway you look at it, the dining room is classy, and truly "upscale."

Photo:  The kitchen really isn't "open" so to speak, but as I was exploring the dining room, I took a peek into the kitchen to photograph the talented staff at work.

Photo:  I chose to enjoy my meal on the patio, which is one of the best restaurant patios that Roseville has to offer. The patio is HUGE, with a real tree in the center, decorated with white lights.  The tree seems to be thriving, thanks the abundance of natural light from the overhead skylight. Like the main dining room, there are many television monitor and similar paintings are mounted on the brick walls.  Each table has a small computer tablet for ordering and paying convenience.

Chilly weather dining is comfortable, as the patio is warmed by overhead electric heaters, and a propane-fired fireplace provides warmth and ambiance for your dining pleasure.

Photo:  The cheery propane-fired fireplace provides ambiance and warmth on this chilly late Thursday morning in early February.

Photo:  Yard House's menu is six pages, with the first two pages devoted to beer selections, and the final four pages list food choices.  The last page is the "Mains" and from the "Seafood" section of the menu, I went with "Beer-Battered Fish and Chips."  How could I resist a lunch of fish and chips?

Click on the image of the menu to see all six pages of the Yard House menu, or click on THIS LINK.

Photo:  I ordered a "pub-sized" glass of Sierra Nevada "Pale Ale" to compliment my lunch.  Such a great ale!

Photo:  Meet Courtney, my amazing friendly server, who brought my lunch to me with a smile.  She provided friendly and efficient service, but was not at all intrusive.  As an aside, when it came for me to pay for my meal, she helped me with the little tablet that sits on each table, which you use to pay for your meal, as your meal is completely "computerized."  Call me "low-tech?"

Photo:  I'm a happy guy, as I'm ready enjoy a lunch of some of the best fish and chips in Roseville.  You can see this was a very large lunch to enjoy!  Thanks, Courtney, for taking my photo.

Photo:  From the "Seafood" section of the menu, I went with "Beer-Battered Fish and Chips," along with a Sierra Nevada "Pale Ale" for libation.  The menu describes the fish and chips as "Whitefish, house fries, malt vinegar slaw, roasted jalapeño tarter sauce, with malt vinegar aioli."  I describe the selection as "simply delicious!"  My friendly server, Courtney brought out a bottle of ketchup, and offered a bottle of malt vinegar, but I declined the vinegar, as I'm not British.

Photo:  My lunch of "Beer-Battered Fish and Chips" included three large pieces of fish, a generous helping of "House Fries," a small serving of "Malt Vinegar Slaw," a slice of lemon, and small cups of "Roasted Jalapeño Tarter Sauce," and "Malt Vinegar Aioli."

The centerpiece of this delicious lunch was the fish... I've eaten my share of fish and chips, and the fish I enjoyed at Yard House was some of the best that Roseville has to offer!  Each piece of fish was around three ounces - I enjoyed a half pound of fish - and deep fried to a crispy, golden brown on the outside, but tender white and juicy inside.  The batter was extra crispy, and when I bit into it, there was a definite "crunch" that made an amazing contrast to the tender fish inside.  The batter had a taste that I really can't describe, but it was simply amazing, and some of the best deep fried batter that I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy! The talented chef must be from London, as I can imagine the fish I enjoyed today would rival the best deep fried fish served in any London pub.  There was the perfect batter-to-fish ratio, as the batter enhanced and complimented the fish, but didn't overpower it.  I did end up squeezing the lemon slice on the fish, "just because..."

The "House Fries" were the kind of fries that a fry-lover dreams about, as they were deep fried to a light golden brown on the outside, but white and tender on the inside.  The fries were the typical size of most fries, but were irregular in length, with size varying from short to insanely long.  Many of the fries had potato skin on them - I love it - which added to the amazing taste.  The fries were salted "just a little" which was perfect, and not at all greasy. The fries - "chips" - made the perfect side to the fish.

The fries didn't need any "enhancement" as they were delicious just the way they were presented, but the "12-year old" in me likes to dip fries into ketchup, so I did put some ketchup on my plate and dipped some of the fries into it.

And the "Malt Vinegar Slaw..." yummy!  It was basically coleslaw with malt vinegar mixed in, with a creamy dressing.  The cool slaw contrasted well with the hot fish and chips, and along with the fries, made for a perfect side.

I loved both the "Roasted Jalapeño Tarter Sauce," and the "Malt Vinegar Aioli."  The tarter sauce was thick, typical tarter sauce, with just touch of jalapeño, which was enough to set it apart from bottled tartar sauce, but not enough to add any heat or spicy taste.   "Malt Vinegar Aioli" was a "twist" on the classic Mediterranean condiment, as I "think" the malt vinegar replaced the lemon, which made for an interest combination with the mayonnaise-based sauce. Any way you look at it, these sauces were amazing to dip the fish into!

I've eaten a lot of fish and chips in my life, as it's one of my favorite entes, and I can't remember when I've enjoyed fish and chips as much as I did today at Yard House.  The fish and chips were simply perfect, the fries were amazing, and the slaw was fantastic.  The meal wasn't inexpensive by any means, but it was simply delicious and it worth every penny.

The patio dining I enjoyed on this chilly morning in early February was simply amazing, thanks the spacious, attractive decor, and the heaters, which made for comfortable dining.  My lunch of "Beer Battered Fish and Chips" was exceptional, and the service I enjoyed from my friendly server Courtney was "beyond" friendly.

Great food, great beer, great atmosphere and wonderful dining... Yard House, located in The Fountains at Roseville in Roseville, CA.

Yard House
1166 Roseville Parkway Bldg. E
Roseville, CA 95678
916 780-9273

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